Hi Nikos, it’s a pleasure to make you this small interview, Thanks for give us the opportunity to make it possible. So, lets start:

– I see your surname written in several ways, Ekonomopoulos, Oikonomopoulos, but, What’s the correct spelling?

Ekonomopoulos is best used in English language. Oikonomopoulos is the way to spell it in Greek.

– At what age did you start to play pool?

15 years old.

– Do you remember what was your first cue?

A cheap cue called «Power Pool».

– How do you get it?

I bought it about 60 euro.

– There are a lot of pool players, but, in your opinion, Who is the best pool player?

Wu Chia Ching

– Do you remember what was your first trophy?

Greek Junior Champion at the age of 16.

– And title?

The same

– What type of pool do you prefer?


– Do you play any tournament in Spain?

Malaga Euro Tour

– What do you think about the organization of this tournament?

Very well organized like the rest of the tour.

– How many hours do you train each day/week?

2 hours a day.

– How is your training?

Mostly straight pool

– In your oppinion, How is the level of spanish pool players?

Very high level. Especially Alcaide, Diaz and Sanchez.

– Is there a good pool level in Greece?

Yes, it is very high. Besides the players that play in international events there are many others at high level.

– People allways love trophies more than others, Which are you most proud of?

Mosconi Cup 2012

– What is your next tournament?

Travelling to US for the Ultimate 10-Ball and a couple of other events.

– Last year was a really great year for you, first Euro-tour title, and play and win the Mosconi Cup, thats amazing, Did you think that you can do all this things at the begining of the 2012 season?

That was my first year that I planned to play in as many international events and I invested to myself in order to succeed. After the Euro Tour tile I realized that I could make it happen.

– What advice did your teammates give you before playing the Mosconi Cup?

To stay focused and handle the pressure.

– What you feel when you have the Mosconi Cup in your hands?

Amazing! Happiest moment of my pool life!

– When you don’t playing or training, How do you spend your free time?

Going to Gym and having a good time with friends.

– Do you like pool movies?

Yes, of course.

– Whats your favorite pool movie?

The color of money.

– What cue case have you got?

Instroke Leather 2×4

– And to finish this interview, What have you got in your cue case?

Predator Limited Edition playing cue, Predator BK2, Pechauer Jump Cue, 314 2 shafts, Kamui Soft Black Tips and whatever chalks… usually Master.

Thank you so much Nikos, from Bola-8.es wish you the best of luck in your upcoming competitions!! But not against Spanish players!! ha ha ha ha

* Photo obtained from Nikos Ekonomopoulos’ Facebook, © JP Parmentier

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